Best things I’ve seen this week roundup

Get yourself a Pearl that can do it all.
Watch grown men mock another grown man with a simulated dinosaur theme park ride. 
Delightful cover of a song from the Steven Universe soundtrack.

“Gordon Ramsey” tells you all about the games of the Bitmap Brothers.

Expect more nonsense that amused me next week!

These movies are NOT kids movies

Sometimes, instead of putting on some music while I work, I like to put on a familiar movie. Not one that I need to concentrate on, just some background noise to keep the noisy part of my brain quiet so I can properly visualise and work through problems.

I thought I’d put on some movies from my childhood, and I was reminded how many “kids” movies of that time were definitely not for children.

Return to Oz

A nice children’s movie about kidnapping, forced electro-shock therapy, hallucinations, decapitation, poisoning, and people turning to sand and crumbling away. And not in a metaphorical or cartoonish way.

If you think those scenes at the end of Infinity War were disturbing, well, imagine that was given a U rating and marketed to six-year-olds.

Watership Down

The sound of flies buzzing still makes me think of gory rabbit death doomsday prophecy proclaiming flesh tearing terror  even now.

The NeverEnding Story

Yes, what I’d really like is to watch a horse drown. That sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

What movies from your childhood traumatised you for life? Why not, I dunno, like tell me, or stuff? I can’t force you to, you know.

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Done done done, I am done with Twitter.

Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight twitter and your propagation of echo chambers and hate. Goodnight refusing to ban bigots, slanderers, and those that incite violence on an international scale.

Twitter – the official platform for bigots everywhere.

I will go back to using Twitter for what it was originally used for – keeping up with what people I care about are doing, and telling people what I’m doing.

And my blog posts are what I’m going to be doing from now on.