I’ve been using DuckDuckGo.com as my primary search engine for a few months, and it’s mostly a good experience. I especially like how it doesn’t track you, and extracts StackOverflow summaries!

Not that my job is mostly this.

Nope, not at all!


There’s only one thing that jars me, and that’s how it ranks suggestions.

In my work at Automattic, and in my side project, I’m writing a lot of JavaScript. Because I frequently switch to other languages, sometimes I have to look up simple things, like… does JavaScript have a method for lower casing a string? Where can I rely on Array.prototype.forEach existing? You know, the type of stuff you’d usually have a sheet stuck to the wall to remind you of when you’re skipping between 4 different languages in the course of a day.

The issue with DuckDuckGo that trips me up every now and then is how it orders the search suggestions. If you start typing “javascript string to lower case” it suggests 4 options when you get to “javascript string to lower”

Here they are.


There’s the thing I want, but in two languages that I’m not interested in. That means if I do the same thing I do in Google, pressing down then enter (which is practically muscle memory by now), I get an option that is less relevant than the others.

I can’t help feeling that those options should be ordered by the amount of words that match my query, giving a boost to options that match the beginning of what I typed. It would stop me ending up in Java docs when I want JavaScript!

But that’s just a small glitch in an otherwise fine experience. It’s fast, not saturated with ads, and will not track at all!

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