Now that Pam is 6 – and has proclaimed that she knows what is real and what’s not, and if it isn’t real, it’s not scary – we thought she might like to watch The Avengers with us. She loves the video game, so she was excited to watch it. We thought it might be a bit much for her, but she told us that if we’re with her, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

“You’ve got nothing to fear. I’m here.” – Steven Universe

I’d forgotten how slow the movie is for the first 30 minutes or so, but Pam was asking questions and talking to us about it throughout. We don’t mind that, it’s her first proper live action superhero movie, so there’s going to be a lot she wants to ask and comment on.

Our first “oh my goodness, our hearts are going to burst from the sweetness of this” was Black Widow’s first scene. Pam saw her and asked who she was. “That’s Black Widow.” “Oh yes. She is strong. Girls can be pretty AND strong.”

Oh my goodness YES, thank you for learning this lesson at 6 years old. You can be a princess AND kick butt.

Then Captain America appeared. He was in the gym, hitting a punching bag and generally having a good workout to forget the horrors of war. As soon as Pam saw him she exclaimed, “Oooooh! He’s a strong boy!” and she had a huge grin on her face. I asked her if she knew who he was. No, she didn’t. “That’s Captain America,” I told her. She didn’t say anything, but if the word “squee” had a physical expression, she did it.

I think our little girl has a crush on Cap.

We’re about halfway through the movie now. Thor has shown up and Loki is captured. Pam is eager for the Hulk to show up and smash things.

Pizza is in the oven, and the movie will resume when it’s ready.

I’m so proud of Pam. She’s still a little kid, but she’s got such a good foundation and outlook on things. She knows the things in the movie are only fun because they’re just a story. She knows girls can be pretty and strong. She knows Loki would be a bad king because he doesn’t care about the people. She knows that Iron Man and Thor were only fighting because they didn’t get to know each other and they were afraid. These were all her own conclusions.

I’ll update later with her reactions to the Hulk.

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