My daughter is a grunge/punk/metalhead and I couldn’t be more proud


Steven Universe is wonderful. Full of love acceptance, and magic lesbians from outer space (yes, really).

The music in it is exceptional. Such a variety of styles, from shouty punk rock to duets that could have come from a West End musical.

My daughter is currently obsessed with this song…

She jumps around, headbanging, yelling, being a joyous ball of pure energy. So I decided to find out if she’d like similar music.

Here are her opinions.

“It’s good, but it’s not as loud as the Steven Universe song.”

Hmm… loud… well I turned the volume up, but that’s not what she meant by loud.

“This is good! It’s loud!”

Ah, loud is Pam-speak means heavy and shouty! Ok, let’s see what more we can find…

“Yeah, this is good, I’d like to dance to this one! Yeah, I like this one a lot!”

I think we’ve found what she likes! Heavy speed grunge punk!

So proud!